[pleɪs] noun [C] I
1) an area or position
Carl went back to his place (= the position where he usually is) and sat down.[/ex]
Keep your credit cards in a safe place.[/ex]
She pushed the couch back into place (= into the correct position).[/ex]
The road is very narrow and quite dangerous in places (= in some areas but not all).[/ex]
2) a particular town, country, building, shop etc
They live in a small place called Clovelly.[/ex]
We went back to Jon's place (= where Jon lives) after the film.[/ex]
Cyprus is a great place for a holiday.[/ex]
Is this a safe place to swim?[/ex]
3) an opportunity to join an organization, team, university etc
nursery places for children[/ex]
The organizers are expecting all the places on the course to be filled.[/ex]
Lewis has earned a place in the Olympic team.[/ex]
4) a seat on a train, on a bus, in a theatre etc, or a position in a QUEUE
There's no place to sit.[/ex]
Would you mind saving my place for a minute?[/ex]
5) the position that you achieve in a race or competition
Brian finished the race in third place.[/ex]
6) the importance that someone or something has in people's lives
a discussion about the place of religion in society[/ex]
7) the point that you have reached in a book, speech etc
all over the place — 1) in or to many different places (= everywhere)[/ex]
I travel all over the place in my job.[/ex]

— 2) in an untidy state

His papers were all over the place.[/ex]

— 3) Britishnot well planned or organized

change places (with sb) — to take someone's position while they take yours[/ex]
fall into place — 1) if something falls into place, you suddenly understand something that you did not understand before; 2) if things fall into place, they start to happen in the way that you want them to[/ex]
fall into place — 1) if something falls into place, you suddenly understand how the different pieces of it are connected; 2) if things fall into place, events happen in a way that is satisfactory for you[/ex]
in place — existing and capable of being used[/ex]
We didn't have the systems in place to deal with so many orders.[/ex]
in place of — instead of[/ex]
out of place — 1) if someone feels out of place, they are uncomfortable because they feel that they are not like other people around them; 2) if something looks out of place, it is in a position where it does not belong or look good[/ex]
place of work/business/worshipformal the area where you work/have your business/practise your religion[/ex]
take sb's/sth's place; take the place of sb/sth — to do something instead of someone else, or to be used instead of something else[/ex]
Joe resigned as chairperson in 1999 and I took his place.[/ex]
Use room or space, not place, to mean an empty area or part of something where people or things can fit: Is there any room OR any space for me in your car? ♦ I wanted a big table in here, but there wasn't enough room OR enough space. II
verb [T]
place */*/*/[pleɪs]
1) to put something somewhere, usually in a careful way
Ella placed the dish on the table.[/ex]
2) to put someone or something in a particular situation or state
Her decision places me in an awkward situation.[/ex]
At the end of the war, the island was placed under French control.[/ex]
3) to decide how good or important something is in comparison with other things
The school places great importance on the welfare of its students.[/ex]
The company was accused of placing profits above safety.[/ex]
4) if you can't place someone, you do not remember them or you cannot remember their name
He looks familiar, but I can't place him.[/ex]
5) if you place an advertisement, an order, or a BET, you give it to someone formally

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